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Create Caribbean Research Institute is seeking blog submissions for its Alternate Caribbean Futures blog, a segment of the larger digital research project, Carisealand. Carisealand is a digital research and community-inclusive project that seeks to ask questions about the future of the Caribbean as a livable place in the age of climate change. At the core of the project is the imperative to imagine an alternative Caribbean future that engages sustainable living, community accountability and planetary responsibility. Carisealand is a multi-disciplinary project that explores how Caribbean people navigate the social, environmental and economic impacts of climate change and disaster vulnerability, and how Caribbean societies (can) resist these forces and reconstitute lives and livelihoods for more sustainable Caribbean futures.

Submissions of up to 1,500 words are invited on issues related to climate adaptation, disaster risk resilience, environmental justice and sustainability, among others, in the Caribbean context. Sub-topics to consider at the intersection of Caribbean Studies and climate studies include, but are not limited to:

• Agriculture and food and Water Security
• Forest and Wildlife Biodiversity
• Marine Life and Global Warming
• Culture, information and heritage preservation
• NGOs and the Aid Industrial Complex
• Poverty, Communities and Environmental Justice
• Economic and Political Impacts of Climate Change
• Environmental Law and Policy
• Public Health, Pollution and Disease
• Arts as Activism for Climate Justice

Submissions are especially welcome from undergraduate and graduate students, community organizers and activists, artists and other creatives.

Send 200-word pitches or full submissions to the blog editor, Dr. Schuyler Esprit at All entries must be in the form of a Word (.doc or .docx) document and must include the author name, institutional affiliation (if any) and/or country of residence, and a brief bio (no more than 150 words). Please include ‘Alternate Caribbean Futures Blog’ in the subject line of the email. Blog submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis and multiple submissions from a single author are welcome.

Create Caribbean Research Institute is the first center for digital humanities in the Caribbean. Located in Dominica on the Dominica State College campus, the institute is a hub for academic inquiry at the intersection of digital technology, Caribbean studies and civic engagement. Its feature programs are the Research and Service Learning Internship for college students and Create and Code, the technology education program that teaches coding for civic engagement to children ages 5-16.

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