The Map

The map of Caribbean environmental and sustainability resources is the first and most expansive component of the Carisealand project. Beginning in 2015, the Create Caribbean research team has compiled a list of resources across the breadth of the Caribbean that cover linguistic, geopolitical ethnic diversity of the region. The team sought to create a searchable database of resources available in or operating within the Caribbean, that could be used by scholars, students, citizens and activists to learn more about the work of environmental protection and sustainability practices taking place in the Caribbean. Moreover, one of the key goals of the project was to have a resource that would allow individuals and organizations working in these critical areas to be able to find like-minded people and projects, to share resources and to collaborate on current and future work. The map shows listings by country but is also organized by the type of resource, with categories to include:

  • Organization
  • Document
  • Site (physical location)
  • Project
  • Government Agency
  • International Agency
  • Company

With about 500 resources currently listed, the map is by no means complete or exhaustive. We continue to work with local experts, community organizers and other research teams to add new resources, update current listings and to archive those no longer in operation. We welcome feedback and entries by using our contact form.

The map, originally build on Omeka and Neatline,  has expanded since we first began, and we have now moved the interface to ArcGIS in order to support the expanding dataset and to allow for more possibilities in data visualization and user experiences. The map below is the current searchable option with details on each entry. There will also be links to detailed map tours of each country's resources, with relevant audiovisual content included.