Class Projects

Chelsea Bertrand

Agrimap: A Project on Food Security in Dominica by Kieron Clunes

Coral Reefs and Climate Change by Dinelle Dailey

Red Cross in Dominica by Tracey Daway

Melissa Encarnacion

How Secure is Your Water by Alina Esprit

Community Poverty and Environmental Justice by Kodie Jean-Jacques

The Age of Climate Change in Dominica by Abiyomhi Joseph

Preservation of Culture and Heritage in Dominica by Rhesa Lawrence

Preservation of culture and heritage in Dominica

Cost of Living and Climate Change in Salisbury, Dominica by Alaina Mathew

Laws for Environmental Preservation in Dominica by Ashante Matthew

Impact of Climate Change on Dominica's Eco-Tourism by Serena Maxwell

Twenty Years of Hurricanes by Jerelle O'Brien


Quisha Pascal

Climate Change Effects on Caribbean Forests and Wildlife Biodiversity by Shalian Shaw


Effects of Pollution on Roseau, Dominica by Rennick Stevens